organisation and sales


Gebroeders van Duijn has five core values. These help us to identify who we are, what we stand for and what we consider important.

The core values are:
Decisiveness, consistently resolving when planning and focusing on our goal;
Flexibility, respond quickly to changing wishes from our environment;
Development, growth organises possibilities and entrepreneurship makes us visible;
Collaborating, using each other’s knowledge and qualities within all our networks;
Involvement, as a binder between all our relationships.


Purple Pride
Gebroeders van Duijn have been a member of the Purple Pride cultivation association since 1996. Together with two other aubergine cultivators, Purple Pride was founded to jointly bundle the aubergine supply under the name Purple Pride. The association now exists for 15 years and has built up a large customer base and a good reputation when it comes to reliability, customer focus and added value.

The mission of Purple Pride is to offer various varieties of aubergines in various combinations and packaging and to inform consumers about the use and preparation possibilities of aubergines. For more information and recipes see

Gebr. van Duijn is a member of the DOOR U.A. Corporation. All sales and marketing activities of the DOOR corporation take place via sales subsidiary DOOR Partners BV. The complete production of Gebr. van Duijn is sold through DOOR Partners B.V.